Wednesday, July 16, 2014

In Progress

Truthfully, not a whole lot of sewing happens around here over the summer. With the kids home, it is so easy just to kick back and hang out with them instead!  I did however, spend the better part of the last couple of weeks finishing up my swap items for SewSewModern 5. While I am eager to share, I am waiting for them to be received so as not to spoil the surprise!!

I have been working on this lovely quilt top using Fig Tree & Co.'s California Girl and the Floral Bouquet pattern from Jelly Roll Quilts by Pam and Nicky Lintott.

Although a bit more subdued than my usual palette, I must confess that I am a huge admirer of Fig Tree fabrics. They just speak to the soft, vintage side of me, and I have begun secretly hoarding some of the older lines.

Whenever I start a new quilt, I make one test block to be sure that I am happy with it and then cut and sew the rest, assembly line-style. Chain piecing the next piece on to all the blocks at once makes quick work of the process.

The blue painter's tape means no marking the squares, just keep the point on the edge of the tape!

I have yet to decide if there will be sashing. The pattern does not, so I probably won't but you never know...

Linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced for Work in Progress Wednesday.

Happy Sewing,
Tessa Marie

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  1. This is beautiful. When I saw the thumbnail picture on the Freshly Pieced blog I thought there was sashing and I thought it looked good! lol. Either way it will be a lovely quilt. I am like you - I love Fig Tree fabrics although they are not my typical style.

  2. nice hint on the painters tape - thanks. Lovely fabric and that is a nice looking block.

  3. can see why you love these fabrics so much, I suppose it depends on the size you want the quilt to be as to whether to add sashing or not, either way it will look tremendous, such wonderful accuracy on your points too

  4. I remember this line! It looks lovely how you've used it. Great work!

  5. I love the tip on the blue painters tape. Your blocks look so pretty - I don't think you need sashing unless you are looking to make it a little bigger.

  6. I made one of my very first quilts using this pattern. Love it! And I'm also a huge fan of Fig Tree! I cannot resist her fabrics...

  7. These quilt blocks are lovely. And I don't think you need sashing. By the time you sew these blocks together, it will look like they already have sashing by the way they are constructed.


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